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Thomas Jacob Bergersen

托马斯·雅各布·伯格森(Thomas Jacob Bergersen,1980 年 7 月 4 日出生)是一位挪威作曲家、多乐器演奏家,也是制作音乐公司“Two Steps From Hell”的联合创始人。 他最出名的是为备受瞩目的戏剧预告片创作音乐。
伯格森以演示场景开始了他的音乐生涯,在 Index 乐队中以 Lioz 的名义编写了跟踪模块。 2007 年,Bergersen 与挪威艺术家 Boom Jinx 合作发行了一首名为“Remember September”的迷幻风格单曲。
2010 年 5 月,伯格森和他的商业伙伴尼克·菲尼克斯 (Nick Phoenix) 发行了首张公开专辑《两步从地狱》,名为《Invincible》,收录了他们最受欢迎的歌曲,包括《Freedom Fighters》、《Moving Mountains》、《Heart of Courage》、 和别的。 此后又发行了几张商业专辑,包括《Archangel》和《SkyWorld》。 2013 年,伯格森还在华特迪士尼音乐厅与菲尼克斯一起参加了一场现场音乐会,确认了至少一场未来在欧洲举办的音乐会计划,并打算在 2015 年的某个时候开始巡演。
2010年,伯格森为电影《人类体验》创作了原创音乐。 原声带CD于2011年3月29日发行。
2011 年,托马斯·伯格森 (Thomas Bergersen) 发行了个人制作的原声带,名为《Illusions》。 他的第二张个人公开专辑《Sun》于2014年9月发行。自2011年以来,他还发行了多首商业单曲,包括《Heart》和《你心中的英雄》,这些单曲旨在为东北地震后的救灾提供帮助 和台风海燕。
2014 年 6 月 28 日,一场音乐会在罗马尼亚举行,音乐会以伯格森的音乐和汉斯·齐默的音乐为特色。

Thomas Jacob Bergersen (born July 4, 1980) is a Norwegian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and the co-founder of the production music company Two Steps From Hell. He is best known for writing music for high-profile theatrical trailers.
Bergersen started his musical career as a demoscener, writing tracked modules under the name Lioz in the group Index. The release of a 2007 trance-genre single titled “Remember September” saw Bergersen team with fellow Norwegian artist Boom Jinx.
In May 2010, Bergersen and his business partner, Nick Phoenix, released a debut public Two Steps From Hell album titled Invincible, featuring some of their most popular tracks, including “Freedom Fighters”, “Moving Mountains”, “Heart of Courage”, and others. Several additional commercial album releases have since followed, including Archangel and SkyWorld. Bergersen also performed in a 2013 live concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall alongside Phoenix, confirming at least one future concert planned for Europe, intending to begin touring at some point in 2015.
In 2010 Bergersen composed the original music for the movie The Human Experience. The Soundtrack CD was released on March 29, 2011.
2011 saw the release of a solo-produced soundtrack from Thomas Bergersen, titled Illusions. His second solo public album called Sun was released in September 2014. He has also released several commercial singles since 2011, including “Heart” and “The Hero in Your Heart,” which were intended to provide disaster relief in the wake of the Tōhoku earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan, respectively.
A concert featuring Bergersen’s music alongside that of Hans Zimmer took place in Romania on the 28th of June 2014


Humanity 是 Thomas Bergersen 自称的“迄今为止最大的项目”,由现场管弦乐队、合唱团和歌手录制的七章组成。

《人性》是托马斯·伯格森最新的海量音乐合集。 这部无与伦比的情感音乐合集由 7 个章节组成,涉及人性的 7 个不同主题,占据了托马斯过去 6 年的大部分时间,也是迄今为止他最大的作品。


《Humanity》代表了托马斯广泛成功的专辑《Illusions》和《Sun》的演变,这两张专辑都已获得白金唱片地位。 “人性”是更深、更发达的延续,涵盖了广泛的音乐风格和表现形式。

“Humanity” is the latest massive collection of music by Thomas Bergersen. Comprised of 7 chapters spread across 7 different themes about humanity, this unparalleled collection of emotional music has occupied most of Thomas’ time the last 6 years and is by far his largest work to date.

The music covers all ranges of human emotion and history and explores completely new musical territory, while elaborating on the unique and established stylistic approach Thomas is so well known for.

“Humanity” represents the evolution of Thomas’ widely successful albums Illusions and Sun, both of which have achieved platinum status. “Humanity” is a deeper and more developed continuation, and covers a broad spectrum of musical styles and expressions.

第一章Chapter 1

第一章的故事 Chapter 1 Story

《人性第一章》是托马斯迄今为止最雄心勃勃的音乐项目的第一个版本。 第一章由大型现场管弦乐队和合唱团以及来自世界各地的乐器演奏家和歌手录制,包含许多新音乐,从最纯粹、永恒的合唱表演到尖端的现代音乐制作。


专辑的开场曲“Eleutheria”(希腊语中“自由”的意思)是作为“人性”的主题而写的,并以保加利亚歌剧合唱团为特色。 它轻柔地打开了专辑,向人类本质上善良的本性致敬,通过杜鲁门总统在 1947 年发表的传奇演讲,将听众带入“美丽的人民”的曲子中。

在《Beautiful People》之后,托马斯用《Wings》带领听众踏上回忆之旅,这首曲子让人想起他的经典作品。 《Wings》转变为专辑《L’Appel Du Vide》中的一首较黑暗的歌曲,这是一个法语表达,意思是“从高处跳下的压倒性渴望”。 托马斯为这首歌曲创作了一段由他亲自主演的音乐视频,讲述了音乐的力量的故事。 继“L’Appel Du Vide”之后,第一章在“Orbital”中对我们相互联系的一代人进行了社会评论,然后我们在“Mountain Call”中沿着爱尔兰高地旅行,然后飞越半个世界去 在主打歌《Humanity》中踏上穿越亚洲的音乐冒险之旅。

整张专辑的最后一首曲目汇集在一起,是第一章中独特主题、旋律和动机的现代 EDM 混搭,旨在将所有文化、所有音乐流派和所有人聚集在一个现代世界中。

整个“Humanity”系列的所有音乐均由Thomas Bergersen作曲、编曲、编曲、混音、母带制作和制作。


Humanity Chapter I is the first release in Thomas’ most ambitious music project to date. Recorded with a large live orchestra and choir, as well as instrumentalists and vocalists from around the world, the first chapter features lots of new music ranging from the purest timeless choral performance to cutting edge modern music production.

The first chapter’s focus is on freedom, strength and unity, bringing many musical cultures together in a colorful and expressive way.

The opening piece on the album, “Eleutheria” (The Greek word for Liberty) was written as the main theme for “Humanity”, and features the Bulgarian opera choir. It softly opens up the album in a tribute to mankind’s fundamentally goodhearted nature, carrying the listener into the “Beautiful People” piece through a legendary speech made by president Truman in 1947.

After “Beautiful People” Thomas takes the listener on a trip down memory lane with “Wings”, a piece reminiscent of his classic work. ”Wings” transitions into a darker piece of the album “L’Appel Du Vide”, which is a French expression that means “an overwhelming desire to jump from great heights”. For this track Thomas created a music video in which he stars himself, that tells the story of the power of music. Following ‘L’Appel Du Vide”, chapter I offers up a social commentary on our connected generation in “Orbital”, before we make a trip down the Irish highlands in “Mountain Call”, and then fly half way across the world to go on a musical adventure through Asia in the title track “Humanity”.

The entire album is brought together in its final track, a modern day EDM mashup of the distinct themes, melodies and motives featured in Chapter I – aiming to bring all cultures, all musical genres and all people together in a modern world.

All the music in the entire “Humanity” series has been composed, arranged, orchestrated, mixed, mastered and produced by Thomas Bergersen.

Artwork by Sam Hayles

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