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免费下载适用于 macOS 的 Microsoft Office 2021 完整版独立离线安装程序。它是自下而上构建的,旨在利用最新的 Mac 功能,例如 Retina 显示屏、全屏视图,甚至滚动弹跳。

适用于 macOS 的 Microsoft Office 2021 概述

它从底层开始构建,以使用最新的 Mac 功能,例如 Retina 显示屏、全屏视图,甚至滚动弹跳。这是您熟悉、喜爱的办公室与您喜爱的办公室的理想结合。您可以使用新的幻灯片切换和更新的动画任务窗格来创建、协作并成功传达您的想法。

您可以使用最先进的编辑、审阅和共享功能来创建和共享具有专业外观的文档。智能查找可立即在 Word 中提供来自网络的重要上下文信息,而新的“设计”选项卡可提供对功能的快速访问。

您可以使用幻灯片旁边的线索评论将反馈纳入您的演示文稿中。另一方面,演示者视图会在大屏幕上向观众演示时在 Mac 上显示当前幻灯片、下一张幻灯片、演讲者备注和计时器。

适用于 macOS 的 Microsoft Office 2021 的功能

  • 微软Word
  • 微软Excel
  • 微软幻灯片
  • 记事本
  • 微软Outlook


  • 操作系统:macOS 11 或更高版本
  • 磁盘空间:10 GB 可用空间

Free Download Microsoft Office 2021 full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It’s built from the bottom up to take advantage of the latest Mac capabilities, such as Retina displays, full-screen views, and even scroll bounce.

Overview of Microsoft Office 2021 for macOS

It’s built from the bottom to use the latest Mac capabilities, such as Retina displays, full-screen views, and even scroll bounce. It’s the ideal marriage of the office you know and loves and the one you adore. You can create, collaborate, and successfully convey your ideas with new slide transitions and an updated Animation task pane.

You can create and share professional-looking documents with state-of-the-art editing, reviewing, and sharing capabilities. Smart Lookup offers essential contextual information from the web immediately inside Word, and the new Design tab provides rapid access to features.

You can incorporate feedback into your presentations using threaded comments alongside your slides. On the other hand, Presenter View shows the current slide, the next slide, speaker notes, and a timer on your Mac while presenting to your audience on the large screen.

Features of Microsoft Office 2021 for macOS

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • OneNote
  • Microsoft Outlook

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • OS: macOS 11 or higher
  • Disk Space: 10 GB free



文件名File Name: Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac LTSC v16.81 VL Multilingual

创作者Created By Microsoft


许可证类型License Type:完全版本full_version

发布日期Release Date:February 13, 2024

语言Languages:English Czech Danish Dutch Finnish French German Greek Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Polish Portuguese Russian Slovak Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish

系统要求Requirements:macOS 11 or higher


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