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由于短视频的兴起,人们碎片化的观看特点,促使视频制作的方式也有了很多新的模式。Due to the rise of short videos and people’s fragmented viewing characteristics, there are many new models in the way of video production.

卡点视频就是抖音等等短视频平台流行之后,特别受欢迎的一种剪辑形式。PR也可以完成这样的卡点视频制作,下面珍藏PRO介绍一种利用NLE非线编Premiere/PR制作快速制作卡点视频的方法:Card video is a particularly popular form of editing after the popularity of short video platforms such as Douyin. PR can also complete such stuck-point video production. The following introduces a method of using NLE nonlinear editing Premiere/PR to quickly make stuck-point video:

原理解析:利用PR软件的自带功能:“自动匹配序列”功能,把素材片段自动匹配到时间线上面的Mark标记点。Principle analysis: Use the built-in function of the PR software: the “auto-match sequence” function to automatically match the clips to the Mark points on the timeline.



1.选择好一个节奏感较强的音乐,拖入时间线之中(因为我们要利用波形去打Mark点,节奏感越强,越好打点);Choose a music with a strong sense of rhythm and drag it into the timeline (because we need to use the waveform to mark points, the stronger the sense of rhythm, the better the mark);

2.利用PR的Mark打点工具进行节奏打点,标记好要插入视频片段的节奏点;Use PR’s Mark marking tool to mark the rhythm and mark the rhythm points to be inserted into the video clip;

3。全选卡点剪辑的素材,然后点击PR素材面板下方这个图标“自动匹配序列”功能;Select all clips clipped by the card point, and then click the icon at the bottom of the PR material panel to “automatically match the sequence” function;

4。弹出“序列自动化”面板,“放置”处选择为“在未编号标记”,点击“确认”;此操作将素材自动导入到时间线上面的标记点上;The “Sequence Automation” panel will pop up, select “At Unnumbered Marker” for “Placement”, and click “OK”; this operation will automatically import the material to the marker point on the timeline;

5。初步完成,然后继续精剪调整即可。Initially completed, and then continue to fine cut adjustments.

大功告成了!YES!你真的超棒!Done! You Are AWESOME!






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