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Future World Music 发行了一张令人毛骨悚然的新专辑,名为 Pulse of Life ,由作曲家 Armen Hambar、Vlado Hudec 和 Aram Mandossian 创作的“史诗动作和科幻奇幻冒险”音乐、“纯粹的史诗之旅”组成。

经过将近一年的制作,这张专辑唤起了生命——既脆弱又珍贵;“时间、空间、行星、太阳系和我们的心跳都相互关联”,Future World Music 的创始人 Armen Hambar 说。时而鼓舞人心,气势磅礴,时而阴暗而戏剧化,  Pulse of Life 》 邀请您踏上充满冒险和情感的旅程。

Armen Hambar – Trailer Music News

Trailer Music News(TMN):是什么启发了您创作这张名为Pulse of Life 的新专辑?

Armen Hambar(AH):嗯,“生活”启发了这张新专辑。时光飞逝,让人体会到生命的短暂和宝贵。所以,生命脉搏的概念是时间、空间、行星、太阳系和我们的心跳是如何联系在一起的。这张史诗专辑中的专辑插图和所有音乐都反映了这一概念。

TMN: Pulse of Life和以前版本的主要区别是什么?

AH:我觉得之前的专辑都有自己的风格和主题。Pulse of Life有一个更具未来感、鼓舞人心和充满希望的主题。

TMN:这是你继零时之后第二次与作曲家 Aram Mandossian 和 Vlado Hudec 合作。你们的合作是如何发展的? 

AH: Aram 和 Vlado 都完善了预告片音乐公式。我在零时访谈中提到了这一点;我在在线电影音乐网络上发布了一则广告,收到了成百上千的投稿。我一直在寻找与我有相似写作风格的作曲家,他们都在提交音乐的所有作曲家中完全脱颖而出。在Pulse of Life中,我更多地参与了一些安排/制作,并且可能让 Aram 和 Vlado 都有些疯狂 :)。而且,正如您将听到的,所有的乐曲都不言自明。我们肯定会在未来再次合作制作更多专辑。我爱这些家伙!

TMN:计划在 12 月发布新的公开版本。你能告诉我们更多吗?

AH:老实说,我还不知道。我可能会像以前的公开专辑一样发布合辑,或者只发布第 12 卷和第 13 卷的全部内容。目前还不确定。


AH:是的,Aram、Vlado 和我很快就会制作另一张专辑,Editor’s Toolkit,然后是一个绝密的大项目,它会让所有人大吃一惊。我现在只能说这么多。敬请关注!

Trailer Music News: What inspired you for the creation of this new album, entitled Pulse of Life?

Armen Hambar: Well, “life” inspired this new album. As time is flying by it makes one realize how short and precious life is. So, the concept of Pulse of Life is how time, space, planets, the solar system and our heart beats are all connected. The album artwork and all the music in this epic album reflect this concept.

TMN: What is the main difference between Pulse of Life and previous releases?

AH: I think all the previous albums have their own style and theme. Pulse of Life has a more futuristic, inspiring and hopeful theme to it.

TMN: This is the second time you work with composers Aram Mandossian and Vlado Hudec, after Zero Hour. How has your collaboration evolved? 

AH: Both Aram and Vlado have the trailer music formula perfected. I mentioned this in the Zero Hour interview; I put an ad out in the online Film Music Network and received hundreds and hundreds of submissions. I was looking for composers who had a similar writing style as I do and they both completely stood out from all the composers who submitted music. On Pulse of Life I was more involved with some of the arrangements/production and probably drove both Aram and Vlado a little crazy :). And, as you’ll hear, all the compositions speak for themselves. We’ll be definitely working together again on more albums in the future. I love these guys!

TMN: A new public release is planned in December. Can you tell us more about it?

AH: Honestly, I don’t know yet. I may release a compilation like previous public albums or just release Volumes 12 and 13 in their entirety. Not sure at this point.

TMN: Do you have other particular projects for the future?

AH: Yes, Aram, Vlado and I will be working on another album, Editor’s Toolkit, soon, and after that a big top secret project which will really blow everyone away. That’s all I can say for now.  Stay tuned!


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