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Boris FX Mocha Pro 概述

Mocha 是世界上最受认可和最强大的视觉特效和后期制作平面跟踪工具。Mocha Pro 具有 GPU 加速的跟踪和对象移除、带边缘捕捉的高级遮罩、稳定性、镜头校准、3D 相机解算器、立体 360/VR 支持等。

它添加了行业标准 OpenColorIO 色彩管理,以在整个行业工作流程中实现一致且可预测的色彩显示。OCIO 支持与 Academy 颜色编码规范 (ACES) 兼容。它通过高端后期制作和 VFX 应用程序(例如 Silhouette、Foundry 的 NUKE、Autodesk Flame、Avid Media Composer 等)改进色彩管理工作流程。

Boris FX Mocha Pro 的特点

  • 带有 Mocha Essentials 界面的新工作区
  • GPU 加速的对象移除可提供更快的渲染速度。
  • 用于更快遮罩的新样条线工具:带边缘捕捉的磁力样条线、徒手样条线和几何形状工具
  • Retina/高 DPI 显示器分辨率支持
  • 现已包含屡获殊荣的 360/VR 工具
  • 立体 360 度平面跟踪和遮蔽
  • 独特的球形 360 度工作空间
  • 地平线稳定和重新定向
  • 新的和改进的 GPU 加速对象移除
  • 立体遮罩工具:浮雕视图、L/H Hero 模式
  • 用于等距柱状投影到扁平化转换的镜头工作流程


  • 处理器: 64 位 Intel 或 AMD CPU,具有四核或更多核
  • 内存:16GB以上
  • 磁盘:高速磁盘阵列或SSD存储
  • 显卡:高端 NVIDIA Quadro、TITAN 或 GeForce Pascal,例如 Quadro P5000 或 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
  • 显示器:1920×1080或更高,包括高dpi 4k显示器
  • 最低要求:
  • 处理器:64位
  • 内存:至少 4 GB
  • 显卡:必须支持 OpenGL 2.1 才能实现基本功能。对于 GPU 加速的跟踪和删除,需要 OpenCL 1.2。
  • 显示器:最小分辨率1440×900像素

Overview of Boris FX Mocha Pro

Mocha is the world’s most recognized and powerful planar tracking tool for VFX and post-production. Mocha Pro features GPU-accelerated tracking and object removal, advanced masking with edge-snapping, stabilization, lens calibration, a 3D camera solver, stereo 360/VR support, and more.

It adds industry-standard OpenColorIO color management for consistent and predictable color display across industry workflows. OCIO support is compatible with the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES). It enables improved color-managed workflows with high-end post-production and VFX applications such as Silhouette, Foundry’s NUKE, Autodesk Flame, Avid Media Composer, and more.

Features of Boris FX Mocha Pro

  • New workspaces with Mocha Essentials interface
  • GPU-accelerated object removal delivers faster rendering.
  • New spline tools for faster masking: Magnetic Spline with edge snapping, Freehand Spline, and Geometric Shape Tools
  • Retina/High DPI monitor resolution support
  • Award-winning 360/VR tools are now included
  • Stereo 360 planar tracking & masking
  • Unique spherical 360 workspace
  • Horizon stabilization & reorient
  • New & improved GPU-accelerated object removal
  • Stereoscopic masking tools: Anaglyph view, L/H Hero mode
  • Lens workflow for Equirectangular to flattened conversions

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Processor: 64-bit Intel or AMD CPU with four or more cores
  • Memory: 16 GB or more
  • Disk: High-speed disk array or SSD storage
  • Graphics Card: High-end NVIDIA Quadro, TITAN, or GeForce Pascal, e.g., Quadro P5000 or GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
  • Monitor: 1920×1080 or higher, including high dpi 4k monitors
  • Minimal Requirements:
  • Processor: 64-bit
  • Memory: At least 4 GB
  • Graphics card: Must support OpenGL 2.1 for essential functions. For GPU-accelerated tracking and removal, OpenCL 1.2 is required.
  • Monitor: Minimum resolution 1440×900 pixels

版本信息Product Information

  • 文件名File Name:Boris FX Mocha Pro 2024 v11.0.0.689
  • 创作者Created By:Boris FX
  • 版本Version:2024 v11.0.0.689
  • 发行日期Release Date:March 14, 2024
  • 语言Languages:English
  • 许可证类型License Type:完全版本 Full Version
  • 系统要求Requirements:Windows

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